1. Two years ago at age 69, I fell in the gym and landed on my tailbone which damaged the sciatica nerve in my left leg. This caused excruciating shooting pain down the leg and across the foot and limited my mobility.  After a year and a half it became just a dull ache, but I still needed a cane and my body was very rigid making it difficult to bend or get into a car or climb stairs.  I never thought it would get better until Nicoleta gave me a Bowenwork treatment on September 3rd 2016.  It was very gentle as she rolled her fingers on different areas of my body, leaving the room for several minutes after each touch.  It didn’t feel like anything was being done to me, but I enjoyed the relaxing feeling. I wasn’t aware that it did anything for me, however three days later while on a walk with my husband, I actually walked faster than him.  I folded up my cane and walked faster and faster.  It was so amazing, I haven’t used my cane since. Nicoleta then used the Emmett Technique on me to help with a balance problem due to Menieres, an inner ear condition.  My friends were always picking me up because I fell over so easily.  Since that treatment, I haven’t fallen once. My son says I stand taller and walk straighter.  I can go up and down stairs without turning my body and walking my hands up the wall.  My body is flexible again so that I can bend and pick up objects, get into a car easily and most important pick up and hug my grandson.  From just one treatment of each I continue to experience these wonderful benefits months later.  I will always be grateful to Nicoleta. She does exceptional work and is a very easy going person making it easy to connect with her. The entire experience was such a treasure!  Thanks again!

 Sandy B., Seattle

December, 2016

2. My daughter, Sophia , developed acid reflux at only 2 months old. She was in constant pain with every feeding and it got to a point where she started refusing her bottle! Her pediatrician put her on Zantac ( for babies) and we changed the formula to a hypoallergenic one.The pediatrician also told us that Sophia will probably outgrow her condition after 6 months but for the majority of the babies it takes up to 1 year. It’s very hard for a new mom to have to see her baby go thru all that at only 2 months so I started looking for more holistic and less invasive approaches to make Sophia feel better. That was the moment I asked Nicoleta if she could help my baby. She gladly came and started doing Bowen on Sophia! I can honestly tell you that my daughter was a different baby after each session. Sophia was instantly calmer and she always finished her bottle after each Bowen session. At 4 months we stopped the medication and we never looked back. We could’ve never done it without Nicoleta’s help.

Eva A., Schamburg

April, 2017

3. I had a nagging pain in my shoulder then down to my elbow and wrist for almost 1 year. I tried Physical therapy and acupuncture but didn’t work for me. After just a few sessions of Emmett, Bowen and Voila the results were more then I expected. The discomfort is gone, definitely I feel much better without pain 🙂 and for that I am grateful for these amazing techniques. 

Robert, Chicago

July, 2017


4. I had a back and knee pain for quite a while because of the way I am carrying my daughter. These pains were significantly reduced after only one session – very impressive. After the second one I got rid of the pain for good. Hopefully won’t get it back, as I was warned I could re-injure myself. In case I do, I know who to call, thank you Nicoleta! 

Mirela P., Des Plaines

July 2017


5. Nicoleta used the Emmett therapy last year on my 3 months old baby to help with her muscle restrictions (she was born with congenital torticollis) which made it very difficult for her to turn  her head to her left side. After only couple of sessions I could notice an improvement on her head rotation. She also used Bowen therapy to help me release the pain on my upper back. I was very impressed how this technique works when I felt a pinch on my shoulder when she was working on my knee. 

Anca M., Niles

April, 2016

6. I was in a car accident this summer and I was experiencing pain all over my body. The worst pain was in my right arm and I had a hard time doing minimal stuff with it. Nicoleta helped release the pain in my arm with just a few Bowen and Emmett moves.  She also applied these great techniques on my whole body and thanks to her I healed so much faster. She also did acupuncture on my body to heal my scars and not only. This method helped relieve the pain from my stiff neck and back. I felt tingling in my body while she was using her techniques.  I felt a lot better after each session! 

I am grateful to have Nicoleta in my life to help me ease my pain!

Amelia B., Schamburg

 August, 2017

7. I sprained my knee and couldn’t take medications because I’m breastfeeding. the pain was excruciating and getting worse everyday. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I needed medication-free pain relief quick. My friend took me to an appointment at Let pain GO. The results were amazing. After two sessions I could walk almost pain free. I was stunned because I’m a nurse and believe more in traditional medicine and less in alternative therapies. I recommend them though to all my friends when I hear they are experiencing pain. 

                                                                                                                                                              Emma B., Schaumburg

                                                                                                                                                                                    June, 2019

In 2018 I fell on my tail bone exactly like in Home alone movie. I couldn’t bend, climb the stairs or get in the car. I found about Let pain go from a friend and gave it a try. After first session I could move and function much better and after the second I didn’t have any discomfort left. This January I got a flu that ended with some ovarian and abdominal pain probably due to a lot of cough and distress. I couldn’t sleep and took pain killers for couple of days. In one session the pain was gone. I could experience that from a minute to another, amazing! Thank you Nicoleta for your hard work and dedication!


                                                                                                                                       Ana Maria S., Hoffman Estates                                                                                                                                                                   January, 2020