About Shungite 

Shungite is a rare mineral consisting of up to 98% carbon, which is found only in Russia and is known for its healing and water cleaning properties. In Russia, Shungite has become a part of traditional folk medicine and water treated by Shungite is used as a medicine for various ailments and research is now demonstrating its health benefits. Shungite contains fullerenes (a form of carbon having a large spheroidal molecule consisting of a hollow cage of atoms,  molecular structure of a soccer ball like and can trap bacteria and other elements harmful to human health). Fullerenes were discovered in the 1980s and 3 scientists were awarded Nobel Prizes in Chemistry in 1996 for their discovery of fullerenes. Although these scientists discovered fullerenes by constructing them in a lab experiment, Shungite is the only known mineral which contains fullerenes naturally. History of Shungite Scientists have estimated that Shungite formed around 2 billion years ago although the exact process by which this mineral formed is unknown and many theories about its origin have been put forward. Some scientists believe that Shungite was formed from the fossilized remains of single cell organisms which used to live in Earth’s oceans and are extinct today. Others have hypothesized that Shungite was brought to earth by a meteorite from outer space as it is concentrated in a single region and is not found elsewhere. Whatever may be the case it’s certain that Shungite is unique due to its various properties and there is no other carbon based mineral which can mirror the unique chemical structure of Shungite and the benefits it brings. Health Benefits of Shungite Due to the presence of fullerenes (C60) Shungite has a quite different chemical composition as compared to other carbon based minerals and this chemical composition has resulted in many health benefits. C60 has been tested on rats where it reversed some of the effects of ageing. Old rats treated with C60 showed increased brain activity and their brain seemed to work as the brain of a young rat, which resulted in an increase in ability to learn at a faster pace about new situations. Indeed, in many experiments rats exposed to C60 were found to live 2 years longer on average as compared to rats kept without C60. Fullerenes consumed with other edible items such as Olive Oil have various positive effects for humans and people have reported the following benefits after consuming fullerenes.

• Reduction in stress

• Increased energy

• Reduction in the amount of sleep required for feeling refreshed

• Higher Libido

• Enhanced activity of the immune system 

• Improved overall health and vitality.

Although earlier many health benefits of Shungite were considered by critics as simple due to a placebo effect, with the discovery of Fullerenes this criticism has slowly died and across the world Shungite is now accepted as the most easily accessible form of fullerenes. Athletes, sportsmen and health practitioner have known this for a long time and as a result fullerene based products such as Shungite are emerging as a substitute for other products aimed at reversing effects of ageing and improving human health in general. Due to its excellent conductivity Shungite can be used as electrodes for use with PEMF devices in different types of treatments.