Ross Emmett

About Ross Emmett 

Ross is a dynamic and unique practitioner with a diverse professional background leading to the development and evolution of the EMMETT Technique over the last 35 years.

He is a qualified instructor of Therapeutic Massage since 1983 and was a senior instructor of Bowen Therapy for 8 years. This coupled with his background with animals and training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming culminated in the evolution of the EMMETT Technique.

The technique Ross developed is widely recognized as an amazingly gentle, safe and simple to apply muscle release therapy based on an understanding of the body’s response to light touch. The treatment is tailored to each individual client. This chameleon approach has long been the major success in the EMMETT Technique and produces outstanding results time and time again.

Often hailed as a ‘gifted healer’, which Ross rejects saying “I simply notice things other people don’t; I have found ways to stimulate the body’s ability to self-correct and as a therapist I have been able to use this insight to help people.  I was encouraged to share this with others so they could do the same.  I developed what is now taught as the EMMETT Technique – to get the information out there and to be able to assist many more people than I could reach alone.”  There are now tens of thousands of people trained in the EMMETT Technique worldwide.

How it all began…

EMMETT first evolved his technique as a mean to treat sick and distressed animals,  always cared for animals and for their well being.  His experience in working as an animal attendant, Australian Dog Obedience Judge and a successful animal trainer have assisted his unique insight and the development of the method.  Ross discovered that the technique worked as effectively on the handlers as it did on their animals.  Many people undertake the EMMETT Technique training today as a means of treating their animals, particularly horses and dogs.

Ross’s years in outback Australia have shaped him into what he calls a ‘bit of a bushy’ – forthright, direct and a bit rough around the edges; the international media have referred to him as the ‘Colonial Cowboy’.  Ross describes himself as a “Chameleon”, adapting treatment to suit each client’s specific requirements. 

Ross’s collection of letters and credits are, in short, simply amazing; he often has referrals from Doctors and specialists, to assist with patients that others have been unable to get results.

He now travels throughout Australia and the world, lecturing and holding seminars to share his own unique insight into bodywork and the EMMETT Technique. More about Emmett method click on the photo.