About Bowenwork

Bowenwork was developed in the 50s by the late Thomas Bowen of Geelong, Australia. His approach was to reset the tension on specific muscles and group of muscles using an unique stretch -and-roll-through “move” and then allowing the body time to integrate the changes during pauses between sets of moves. He made an incredible impact on humanity around the world after he developed this unique therapeutic system now practiced in more than 40 countries. The results achieved seem to be miraculous, children learning to walk again after being crippled and in braces, lifelong health issues resolved and many clients saved from unnecessary surgeries.

By 1975, he was seeing 13.000 patients a year (documented by the Victorian Government Webb report over a 27 weeks period ). Tom Bowen considered the basic procedures the backbone of his work, as these procedures address the entire back, neck and kidneys and balance the entire body through the neurological system. They can address about 70% of a client’s complaints. After these initial procedures, treatments are individualized to the clients needs.


His main principle and belief was that the body is able to heal itself, he believed that good medicine was to assist the body’s natural ability to repair and regulate itself and that bodily dysfunction were the result of disturbances in the tissues. His underlying assumption was that structure governs function, and that disturbances of structure in whatever tissue within the body will lead to disturbances of functioning in that structure and, in turn, of the function of the body as a whole. His goal was to restore the structural integrity in the body in order to restore its optimum function.

He also believed in the universal life energy called Chi. In traditional Chinese medicine, this energy must flow freely throughout the body in order to assure a state of maximum health. Bowen’s gift was to discover a system of mobilization to re-balance the natural flow of energy.
He found books on acupuncture or shiatsu quite interesting and obviously influential in developing his technique. He would often refer to the effect of certain moves energetically. Some moves will have a stimulating effect while others will be more sedating. Some moves, called stoppers, are used to block, reflect or contain the energy in a certain part of the body.
In Europe and other continents it’s known as Bowen therapy, in America is better known under the internationally registered trademark, Bowenwork.